Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Turnstone Ecology

After months of warbling on about the new company it has finally happened. Notices were handed in a month ago and we finally launched yesterday.

Things got very hectic during the notice period - it is surprising how much office stuff you amass in the old office over the last three years.

We are on Twitter - please follow us @Turnstonecology and we will be publishing a work related blog via the website (http://www.turnstone-ecology.co.uk/). The work related blog wont just be work work work but we are hoping to put up trip reports (we have already won a project in Bulgaria) and we will be putting on comments relating to ecology, new legislation etc. The website is having its final touches and will be going live very soon. I will post on twitter and a short blog here when its ready to go.

It is all very exciting and we are all raring to go. There are three of us that have made the leap in to running our own ecological consultancy. The aim is, over time, to become a dedicated ornithological consultancy as that is where all of our interests and experiences lie. Watch this space and hopefully we will be looking for sub-contractors to help out with fieldwork when (lets be optimistic) we get lots of work!!

Any comments on the new logos will be much appreciated.

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