Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Lazy Pictures!

White Stork - a nest in every village - I just love that and I so really want to live in a village that has one of these breeding in them every year. Villages in BG that don't have storks in are jealous of those that do!! Don't do the White-tailed Eagle reintroduction in Suffolk - bring back the White Stork.

Not seen Squacco Heron for many a moon - last time was in the Camargue when I worked as a wildlife guide.

Another lifer for me - Sombre Tit

Black-headed Bunting (Feldeg)

Woodchat Shrike

Hawfinch - another bird really really common in BG (also had loads in Ukraine in 2009) but one that has suffered massive declines in the UK.

Another Feldeg! such a cracking wagtail although when pressed I do like a good Flavissima!!


  1. Great to read the posts Mark. I don't know about spotting hawks, you must have eyes like them.

  2. Already spotted the mistake - it is a wagtail and not a bunting - d'oh