Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Beginning

First ever post!

Very busy with work at the moment - I am an ornithological consultant (well ecological but birds is my main specialism and if I could get away with it would be all I would do - am trying my best!)

Bit of background I guess would be of some use -

Am 33 and have been very lucky to have worked in the 'green' sector since graduated with degree in Ecology from Leeds Uni (the proper one!).

Went home after graduating and looked for a volunteer job at local nature reserve, had a chat with warden and got offered paid job! Very lucky but had worked hard for it I guess - RSPB volunteer in gap year followed by 6 months in France as a paid wildlife guide - 6 months in the Camargue for free showing folks flamingos, horses and bulls whilst I dashed around looking for decent things to look at - although Fan-tailed Warblers do get very boring after a while. Also did trips to the Cevennes and had great opportunity to see lots of very good birds.

Once donw with Uni had 10 years working in conservation (countyside warden) and some time at a bird observatory in Kent- very happy times - best bird ringed probably Long-eared Owl or maybe Icterine Warbler - surpased last year in Bulgaria with RB Shrike and Hawfinch!!

Consultant now - have been for a number of years and very very lucky to have a great job.

Bulgaria 4 times last year and Ukraine once and hopefully Bulgaria again next week - Imperial Eagle surveys.

Will post more soon

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